what is eco4 scheme has made more than 3.1 million home energy improvements since its launch in 2013. Its aim is to help power the UK’s most vulnerable homes, reduce carbon emissions and fuel poverty. It is currently in phase four (ECO4) and will run until March 2026.

Solar Power Revolution: Exploring the Eco4 Scheme’s Impact on Clean Energy Adoption

ECO4 is the final phase of the government’s Energy Company Obligation grant programme and it has seen some significant modifications, particularly in scoring methodology and other grant funding views for eligible households. The ECO4 scheme is designed to help people heat their homes better and can be used to install new boilers, insulation or other heating solutions. The key change is that the ECO4 scheme now also supports properties without mains gas, which was not possible under previous phases of the ECO scheme.

If your property is in council tax band G or below you may be eligible for ECO4 energy efficiency upgrades. This includes social housing and privately rented properties where the landlord is able to consent to the installation. Generally, these upgrades will involve installing loft or cavity wall insulation and/or replacing old non-condensing boilers with new energy efficient ones.

This funding is provided by the big six energy suppliers who have a Government obligation to provide this support. It is not repaid so you do not need to worry about paying back the money for these upgrades in the future. You can find out if you qualify for this support by speaking with your current energy supplier or through companies who work with energy suppliers and Ofgem like Energy Saving Genie.

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