wet pour rubber surfacing

Wet wet pour rubber surfacing is a safe and environmentally friendly flooring solution that prevents major injuries from falls. It offers a hard-wearing surface that can also be used for wheelchair accessibility. Its durability is superior to other surfacing options. It is also ADA-compliant and requires less maintenance in the long run than other surfacing options. It is also a more qualitative option than loose-fill surfaces which can have errors and gaps that could harbor biological garbage such as cigarette butts, bottle caps, and other debris.

This surfacing is created by mixing together rubber EPDM granules with a polyurethane binder on site, it is then ‘poured’ in place and can be installed in varying thicknesses depending on the equipment you will have in the play area and the CSA (Community Standards Association) fall height requirements. It is a highly durable surface with no seams and is available in various different colors and patterns.

Playground Safety Redefined: Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing Explained

It is made from recycled tyres that would otherwise have ended up in stockpiles and landfills but can be processed into crumb rubber to create this type of safety surface. The advantage over other materials like wood is that it does not splinter and can be a hazard for children as pieces find their way into their skin, eyes and clothes.

The base layer of this surface is an SBR rubber which acts as a shock pad and is covered by the EPDM wearing course layer. This layer is also environmentally friendly with a range of designs and bright colours that will complement any playground environment.

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