trauma informed yoga certification can help students to develop a more trauma sensitive practice. It can also assist them in bringing a more trauma-informed approach to their community and work.

The premise behind trauma informed yoga is to create a safe and compassionate space for students who may be triggered during class. This requires instructors to understand what triggers trauma and be able to provide guidance and support throughout class. It also means knowing how to curate the room for safety, including creating physical boundaries and positioning mats strategically.

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In addition, instructors should be familiar with how to work with students who are triggered by certain types of poses or movements. This includes understanding the importance of using inclusive language and incorporating prompts to give students choices, as well as being mindful about the ways in which certain forms of postures can be challenging for survivors of sexual assault or other traumas.

This training is ideal for yoga professionals, mental health or wellness professionals and other community providers who work with people who are struggling with trauma. It also provides an opportunity to explore the broader impact of complex and intersectional trauma across gender, race and other social identities, as well as how to integrate Trauma Centered Transformative Self-Care (TCTSY) into a wider community healing framework.

Upon completion, graduates will be fully equipped to implement and sustain a TCTSY program in the setting of their choice. In addition, graduates will be able to become Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited trauma informed yoga teachers and use the Trauma Informed Yoga teacher badge.

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