Resource for Online Learning

Educators are looking for learning resources that are available to them online. Whether they’re new to the distance learning environment or an experienced educator, they want to make sure they have access to quality teaching resources that can help their students succeed.

This list contains a wide variety of Learningselect learning resources for teachers and students alike. From online reading instruction to lesson plans, these resources are ideal for all ages and grades.

Resource for Online Math, Science & Social Studies

If you’re in the middle of your own learning adventure or have a student who needs some extra help, these online learning resources are the perfect solution. They’re easy to navigate and include all of the tools you need to keep students engaged with the lessons.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Learning: Tips and Resources for Success

If you’re looking to inspire your students in the fields of science,

, engineering, arts, and mathematics, you’ll find plenty of free resources on these sites. They also offer a variety of free lesson plans and activities on topics that range from space travel to bioinformatics.

iCulture, A Culture Immersion Resource for Spanish, French & German Language Learners

If your school has Spanish-speaking students or a group of students who love the Spanish language, you’ll want to check out iCulture’s cultural immersion lessons. These lessons feature real-life, culturally relevant videos of people in Spanish speaking countries from different backgrounds.

Virtual webinars to help with Virtual Reading Instruction

If you’re in the middle of a remote reading instruction challenge or are just trying to keep your students on track, check out Reading Horizons’ library of virtual webinars and lessons. They’re all available on YouTube and can be accessed for free by educators who are looking to boost their distance learning teaching skills.

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