Therapy in Motion is the home of world-class physical and occupational therapy newcastle for the local community. Our therapists are trained and experienced, and are dedicated to helping you recover quickly and fully. Whether you are in pain, recovering from surgery or have an ongoing health condition we are here to help.

Which country has best scope for clinical psychology?

EMDR Therapy Newcastle

EMDR is a psychotherapy approach that helps you to understand and work through your difficult thoughts and feelings. It is particularly helpful for traumatic events but also works well with other things such as anxiety and confidence issues. Our EMDR therapists are qualified clinical psychologists who have undergone additional specialist training in EMDR.

CBT Newcastle

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a practical psychological therapy that looks at your current problems (rather than things from the past). It aims to teach you skills to change how you think and behave so you can feel better.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Our counsellors and psychotherapists are all registered with either the UKCP or BPS and have extensive post graduate training. They have a deep understanding of the difficulties you might be experiencing and use a variety of talking therapies to assist in their practice. We are also able to offer psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adults which is a deep psychotherapy that enables you to explore your experiences and relationships in more detail. Our counselling and psychotherapy service can be accessed one to one or in groups with other people and a clinician.

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