The NACE Inspection Program

The NACE Inspection program is designed to help coating inspectors better understand the various components call now of the coatings industry. Certification requires a course completion and passing of an exam. There are three levels of certification: coating inspection, coating inspector, and coating inspector-level 2. Each level focuses on one specific area of the industry, and takes 60 hours. In addition, NACE also publishes several standards for corrosion testing. Regardless of the level of certification, it’s important to know the basics of the industry before choosing a NACE course.

NACE inspections are necessary to ensure that the coatings are applied correctly and meet contract specifications. An inspector should be trained in both the material and method of application. Certified inspectors can provide a more thorough and accurate report than non-certified professionals. A good NACE inspector should be able to document findings and make recommendations for how to proceed. An inspector should also be able to use industry-recognized documentation software. This ensures that the process is documented properly.

Certified coating inspectors should be familiar with the nuances of coating inspections. NACE is the only organization that focuses on the industry’s certification requirements. Its membership includes professionals in the field of corrosion protection. Certifications are issued by the NACE International Institute. They include general corrosion inspection, coating inspector, and pipeline industry. In addition, the NACE Inspector program includes a variety of specialty certifications. You can choose to earn a NACE certification if you have the experience and expertise.

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