Taormina tour

A Taormina tour is the perfect way to explore this romantic hilltop town on the East coast of Sicily. The town is set on the warm waters of the Ionian Sea and offers stunning views of Mt. Etna. You can visit the city all year round and enjoy events like Carnavale (early March), or Madonna della Rocca (Madonna of the Rocks) in September. The tour will also show you some of the city’s most beautiful points of interest, including the rocky cliffs, Saracen Castle, Roman Baths, and Clocktower.

Here Is A Method That Is Helping Taormina Tours

As you take a Taormina tour, you will see a hilltop town that is located at an elevation of over two thousand feet. The hilltop location allows you to see the active volcano Mt. Etna and the blue waters of the Bay of Naxos. Your guide will be able to help you get skip line tickets to see the ancient ruins, which were built in the third century before Christ. The views from these places will take your breath away.

A Taormina tour is a great way to explore the town’s historic core. You can start your tour in Piazza IX Aprile, where you can see the famous clock tower. The clock was added during the 17th century reconstruction and serves as a welcoming entryway into the historic center. You can also check out the Greek-Roman Theater and other notable sights. If you are visiting Sicily active for the first time, a Taormina tourist tour is a great way to discover the town’s history and culture.

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