The Social Italiani report was recently published by We Are Social and Meltwater. It offers a snapshot of i diritti umani in the digital world, with detailed focus on internet, social media and e-commerce. The report compares the data gathered in Italy to that of the rest of the world, thus allowing companies to evaluate their strategies in Italy with a global perspective.

In Italia, circa 43 milioni di persone sono attive su social network. In primo luogo si concentrano su applicazioni del gruppo Meta (WhatsApp, Facebook e Instagram), e in seguito delle app di messaggistica Telegram e TikTok.

Top Strategies for Growing Your Audience with Social Italiani

A parte la propria attività sociale, i consumatori in Italia preferiscono fare acquisti on line. Le motivazioni principali per cui si parlano su social media hanno a che fare con informarsi, sopportare il loro caro famiglia o passare il tempo.

In Italia, it is less common for companies to reply to customer service queries on social media than in other countries. This might be because Italians consider Facebook to be a more informal platform, where they can make jokes and use slang, while LinkedIn is seen as more of a professional channel where conversations are usually more formal. In the same vein, it is important to be consistent in the tone of communication across platforms and avoid excessively switching between styles.

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