sativa seeds

Cannabis connoisseurs like sativa seeds because they usually offer uplifting and energetic effects. These strains often stimulate a burst of creativity, making them perfect for creative professionals or anyone who needs an extra boost in their daily life. Sativas typically have longer flowering times than indicas and their buds can be less dense with shorter spaces (internodal gaps) between the bud-clusters. Their odour can also be more citrussy or herbal than pungent and skunky.

Sativas are a cannabis species that has a high intrinsic genetic variability rate, which is accentuated by the long history of its domestication. The different intended uses of the plant lead to an artificial selection of specific features that are useful for increasing yield or improving the quality of the crop. This process has resulted in the emergence of a multitude of C. sativa L. varieties with distinct genotypic and phenotypic characteristics, which at first induced taxonomists and botanists to erroneously recognize two or even three separate species of C. sativa L., adopting a polytypic concept of the Cannabis genus [27].

Sweet Treats: The Tempting Flavor of Ice Cream Man Strain

The sativa vs indica distinction may not seem as valid as it once was, given that most growers today choose to cultivate hybrids. However, if you are buying cannabis seeds it is important to know whether or not they have a sativa predominance as this can affect the final outcome of your plants. For example, sativa plants tend to have higher THC levels than indicas. The Dutch Passion website offers a variety of filters to allow you to refine your seed search by desired characteristics such as THC content, bloom time or height.

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