babies clothers

When you bring home your babies clothers, you’ll need to stock up on essentials that will keep her comfy and dry throughout the day. This includes everything from soft bodysuits and rompers for warmer weather to warm sweaters and jackets for colder climates.

Newborn Clothing

Your newborn will have delicate skin, so stick to clothes made of cotton or a cotton-synthetic blend like this one from Gerber Childrenswear. Avoid clothes with embroidery, lace, or decorations that can irritate skin. Also, be wary of clothing that has tags – they sometimes cause irritation.


Newborns are prone to drooling and spitting up, so it’s important to have plenty of clean burp cloths and bibs on hand. These items are available in a variety of colors and styles so you’ll always have something cute to use during feedings.

Babies Clothes 101: A Guide to Buying, Cleaning, and Organizing Your Baby’s Wardrobe

It’s a good idea to have a few soft skull caps on hand, which help babies regulate their body temperature as they grow. Thin mittens are also helpful, as they prevent little ones from scratching themselves.

Leg Warmers

Babies don’t need shoes until they start walking, but it’s a good idea to have mittens and socks on hand to protect their feet when they’re outdoors. A pair of leg warmers can be worn over bare legs to keep them warm, too.

Clothes Dividers

If you’re storing most of your baby’s clothes in a dresser, drawer dividers are a great investment. They’re durable and can separate clothing by type or size, making it easier to find what you need quickly.

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