How to Manage SportsRelated Anxiety

The heightened sense of fear, nervousness, or apprehension that athletes feel before and during competitions is called sports performance anxiety. It can inhibit an athlete’s ability to perform at their best and can lead to negative thoughts and behaviors. It’s a common experience for both amateur and professional athletes at all levels, but there are several strategies that can help students and their coaches overcome sports performance anxiety. Read more คลิก UFABET เว็บตรงที่

How to Manage Sports-Related Anxiety

Anxiety Symptoms can vary by athlete and can fluctuate with different factors, such as the significance of the event, past experiences, and personal disposition. In addition, some athletes may have more physical than cognitive or emotional symptoms, and the intensity of these can also change.

Behavioral manifestations of sports performance anxiety can include restlessness or irritability, aggression, and avoidance behaviors. Often, these can be mistaken for signs of depression or social anxiety disorder, so it’s important to identify them and talk about them with your student-athlete.

Athletes can use mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques, and positive visualization to promote a calm mental state and mitigate the effects of sports performance anxiety. Developing mental resilience and cultivating a supportive environment are also key components of managing anxiety and promoting peak performance.

Encourage your student-athlete to embrace their nerves and let them know that having butterflies in the stomach is normal. It’s also helpful to remind them to take deep breaths and to focus on their technique during competitions. Getting social support can also be helpful, especially if your student-athlete is competing in a “away” game (away from home, as opposed to their regular team practice). It’s been shown that having a familiar support system makes athletes more confident and less anxious.

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