With a little bit of care and attention, Facebook ads can help your business spread brand awareness, drive traffic, or collect leads from your ideal audience on the platform. To do so, it’s important to define your goals and create ads that align with those goals. To keep track of the results, make sure your ads are optimized for measurable success.

How to create ads on Facebook, and each format has its own best practices that you should keep in mind when creating them. For example, you should only use one image in a single-image ad and include a clear call to action (CTA). In addition, Facebook recommends that you only include two links in an ad, and they should be linked to relevant content on your website.

Mastering the Art of Creating Ads on Facebook

When you’re ready to start creating an ad, head over to the Ads Manager. Here, you’ll see a few tabs, including the Overview, Campaigns, and Ad Sets tabs.

You’ll also be able to select whether you want the ad to run automatically or manually. It’s a good idea to choose manual ad placement so that you can control where and when your ad appears.

Next, you’ll need to select your target audience. Facebook offers advanced demographic and behavioral targeting, which makes it easy to target your ideal audience on the platform. You can choose to select a core audience, a custom audience, or a lookalike audience based on data from your Facebook pixel.

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