heavy duty caster wheels

Whether you’re a home owner who needs caster wheels for a workbench or a commercial business that wants to install them on a table, chair or other heavy piece of furniture, you need a quality set of heavy duty casters. They’ll protect your floors and keep noise levels low, while ensuring smooth and easy movement of any equipment or item.

What Type of Caster Wheel Should I Buy?

Heavy duty caster wheels wheels come in different styles, materials, and features to meet specific mobility requirements. For example, you can choose between swivel or rigid casters and even between metal and polyurethane caster wheels.

Swivel casters are useful for moving equipment and tables that regularly turn corners or need to move in a 360-degree circle. They also allow you to move an object more easily in tight spaces.

Industrial caster wheels are commonly used in manufacturing plants, warehouses and on other large objects that need heavy mobility. They can support loads that are thousands of pounds and come in a variety of wheel widths, diameters and load ratings.

The Top Benefits of Heavy Duty Caster Wheels for Your Industrial and Commercial Needs

If you’re working in a professional environment that requires a lot of stillness and precision, you need casters with high quality rubber to prevent vibration and noise. Thermoplastic rubber is a great choice, especially when your floor is hardwood or other hard surfaces.

PU on iron casters are a good option for many heavy duty applications and can offer more floor protection and non-marking treads than a steel or phenolic caster wheel while being lighter in weight and quieter to roll. However, they don’t provide the same level of durability as a polyurethane on aluminum core caster wheel and may be prone to rusting and damage over time.

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