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Gold bars  are one of the most popular ways to invest in precious metals. They are typically made of a mixture of alloys to create an investment grade bullion product, and are labelled with the bar’s weight, purity, year of issue and serial number. These features make gold bullion an essential asset for precious metals investors, and can act as a hedge against a financial crisis or currency depreciation.

Gold bullion bars can be produced in 2 different methods. Those smaller than 1oz are minted, where gold is stamped into set shapes and sizes with a very clean precise finish. Larger bars are produced by casting, where molten gold is poured into set size moulds to produce what is known as an ingot. These bars tend to have a more natural rougher finish.

Investing in Gold Bars: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers in Ireland

Generally, all gold bullion bars will be 24 carat in purity. However, gold bullion coins may sometimes be minted with a lower purity of 22 carats, particularly those minted in Africa for the global market.

All LBMA Good Delivery gold bullion bars are guaranteed to have a minimum 995 parts per thousand purity and will feature a hallmark of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Additionally, most bars are assayed at the Dublin Assay Office – founded 384 years ago – which is one of the world’s oldest assaying offices.

Many people choose to purchase gold bullion bars because they are a more cost-effective form of investing in precious metals than purchasing individual coins. Additionally, the price of gold is often uncorrelated to the stock market and economic conditions, and is seen as a safe haven against currency depreciation or a recession.

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