Car tinting in sydney is not only a great way to make your vehicle look sleek and stylish, but it also protects passengers from harsh UV rays and reduces sun glare. Window tints are made from scratch-resistant polyester bases and can come in a range of shades. Choose a tint that will complement your car’s color, and opt for one that has good colour stability to avoid developing a purple or blue hue over time.

The cost of tinting your car varies by a number of factors, including the make and model of your vehicle and the number of windows. Larger vehicles are more expensive to tint than smaller models because they have bigger windows and doors. The type of film you choose also affects the price. Some films are cheaper than others, but you will typically get a better quality product for more money.

See Clearly, Stay Cool: Car Tinting Solutions in Sydney

In NSW, the legal limit for window tints is 35% Visible Light Transmission (VLT). However, there are some dark window tint options available that are still legal. These include Johnson Window Film and Suntek films, which have a VLT of around 20% and can be made even darker.

For a professional, high-quality window tinting service, book trusted and local mobile car window tint specialists on AutoGuru. We’ve partnered with 6 window tinting experts in Sydney, with an average customer rating of 4.9 stars. Whether you’re in Millers Point, Sydney CBD, or Gladesville, we can connect you with a car window tinting specialist nearby.

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