Social media has become a critical component of marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. In order to reach new audiences, some marketers choose to prioritize their content in followers’ feeds on a given platform, known as boosting or promoting a post. Others create paid advertising campaigns that use a variety of ads and sponsored content to attract new customers and achieve specific goals.

Paid social platforms vary by their audience size, ad formats, and targeting capabilities. For example, Twitter offers short text-based messages, Instagram focuses on visual content, and LinkedIn serves business-to-business (B2B) networking professionals.

Exploring Paid Social Platforms: Where to Invest Your Marketing Budget

Facebook, the most-used social media platform worldwide, allows businesses to share ads in multiple formats, including images, video, carousels, and slideshows. The platform also offers advanced audience targeting, making it easy to connect with your target audience.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube each support retargeting, which helps businesses stay top of mind for consumers by following them as they navigate through the social media site. In addition to retargeting, the major paid social platforms offer an array of analytics tools, which give marketers insights into campaign performance. These include ad impressions, clicks, cost per click (CPC), engagements, and more. With the right strategy, paid social media can help you build a strong foundation for your digital marketing efforts.

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