A custom Defender doesn’t just look good. It’s also capable, comfortable and poised to handle the road.

Does Defender have 4×4?

The mighty Land Rover Defender ecdautodesign has an unyielding reputation for being the toughest, most capable SUV on earth. But the resurrected model is still a modern vehicle underneath, with an interior that’s tough-looking but also high-tech.

That means the dashboard is deliberately durable-looking, with angular details and “Defender” printed across the passenger side. It also has a gear selector that sticks up to meet your hand.

On the inside, you’ll find lots of leather with contrast diamond-stitching; from the seats to the roof liner. It’s a thick and hardy leather that doesn’t feel like it will tear up or lose its shape when exposed to the elements.

Osprey has added some very useful modern features to this Defender, including an Atoto aftermarket head unit that combines Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s not as responsive as an original unit, but it fits the Defender’s standard double-DIN slot and is surprisingly easy to use.

It also has a heated windshield, rearview camera and Chevrolet console shifter. It’s a pretty thoughtful combination, and it adds a nice touch of authenticity to the exterior. Osprey has also gone a step further on the interior, installing a monster Alpine Halo 9 floating touchscreen that’s parked next to the GME XRS Connect infotainment system, which takes the Defender’s old-school styling and fits it with the latest technology.

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