While there are plenty of great sports and activity watches that offer a wide range of features, there are also some dedicated swimming-specific options out there. These devices will offer a much more in-depth look into your workouts and help you to understand what is working, and what might not. In addition to that, they’ll typically have a number of other smartwatch-based features that will deliver additional insight into your general fitness and health metrics throughout the day.

Who is the king of luxury watches?

If you want a really comprehensive option, we would recommend taking a look at Garmin’s Epix Gen 2 (which is actually just a Fenix 7 with a touchscreen AMOLED display). It has all the standard features you’d expect from any Garmin device as well as an extensive set of swim workout modes that will deliver some very helpful insights into your performance. Read more : https://nanadc.com/best-swimming-watches/

This will include things like stroke type detection, auto rest, pacing alerts, and drill logging. You’ll also find a huge variety of other swimming-specific features for your open water sessions including distance and pace tracking, as well as a VO2 max indicator to help you understand your training.

Likewise, if you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly, the Amazfit Stratos might be worth checking out. It’s a lot cheaper than the Garmin devices mentioned above, but it still offers a really robust feature set with some nice insights into your swimming performance. You’ll get all of the standard smartwatch features you’d expect including sleep, heart rate and calories tracked as well as the ability to make payments on your watch, receive notifications and download apps.

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